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Company Registration In

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Benefits Of OPC Registration

Limited Liability Protection to Directors personal assets

Many times startups need to borrow money and take things on credit. In case of normal Partnerships, Partners personal savings and property would be at risk incase business is not able to repay its loans. In a one person private limited company, only investment in business is lost, personal assets of the directors are safe.

Better image and credibility in Market

In India, OPC is a Private limited company, which is a popular and well known business structure. Corporate Customers, Vendors and Govt. Agencies prefer to deal with Private Limited Company instead of proprietorship firms.

Easy to raise funds and loans

OPC is one of the easiest forms of corporate entities to manage. Very few ROC filing is to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC). No need to conduct Annual General Meeting (AGM) and other regular compliances.

Helps for Testing of Business Model and Enables Funding

The OPC business helps Startup Entrepreneurs to easily test their business model, and upon building a marketable product, they can approach Angel investors, Venture capitalists for funding and easily convert their OPC into multi shareholder Private Limited company.

Complete Control of the Company with a Single Owner

This leads to fast decision making and execution. Yet OPC can appoint as many as 15 directors for administrative functions, without giving any share to them.

Easy to Sell OPC

OPC Company is easy to sell, very less documentation and cost is involved in selling a One Person company.

Frequently asked questions

Who can become a Director in an OPC?

Only individuals can become directors of the company. There is no restrictions for Foreign Nationals or Non Resident Indians to become a director of an OPC.

How Many OPC's a person can register or become Nominee?

A Person can register only ONE OPC. Also a person can not become nominee in more than one OPC.

What is Memorandum of Association (MOA)?

MOA is the charter document of a company. A company is created by registering a memorandum. MOA contains the name of a company, the state in which the registered office of the company is located, objectives, and its authorised capital. The MOA will be subscribed by the initial promoters of the company in their own handwriting. They will also have to write their name, father's name, residential address, occupation and the number of shares they agree to subscribe in the company. The MOA should also bear the signature of the witness who knows the subscribers.

Whether OPC can do Non-Banking Financial and Investement?

An OPC is prohibited from carrying Non-Banking Financial activites ad and Investment in securities of other body corporates.

When an OPC can be converted to Private Limited Company?

An OPC can be converted voluntarily into any other kind of company (Private Limited or Public Limited) only after 2 years from the date of incorporation. An OPC can be converted to any other kind of company with in 2 years of IncorporationIn only if the the Paid up Capital of OPC exceeds Rupees Fifty Lakhs of or its average annual turnover during a period of three consecutive financial years exceeds Rupees Two Crore.

Why a Nominee is required in OPC?

The subscriber to the memorandum shall nominate another person as nominee after obtaining a written consent from such person. In the event of the shareholder death or incapacity to contract, the Nominee shall become the member of that OPC.

Can the Nominee withdraw his consent from OPC?

Yes. The Nominee can withdraw his consent by giving a notice in writing to the sole member and to the One Person Company. In such case, the sole member shall nominate another person as nominee within fifteen days of the receipt of the notice of withdrawal.

Can the shareholder OPC change Nominee?

Yes. The sharehodder can change the nominee with an intimation in writing to the company at any time for any reason and can and nominate another person after obtaining the prior consent of new nominee.