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Director Identification Number (DIN) - Overview & Procedure For Application (Sections 153 to 159)

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?

Director Identification Number (DIN) is an identification number given by the central government to an individual who wishes to be appointed as a director in any company. DIN once allotted shall be valid for a lifetime.

Who Should Apply for a Director Identification Number?

Individuals who wish to be appointed as directors of a company should make an application to the Central government for the allotment of DIN. The Central government should within a month after receiving receipt of the application allot a DIN to the applicant. Individuals who already have been allotted a DIN by the central government shouldn’t apply for another DIN.

Existing directors, within a month after receiving the receipt of the DIN from the Central Government, should intimate the list of all the companies where he/she is appointed as a director.

Punishment related to Director Identification Number

Companies, should within 15 days after receiving the receipt of intimation from the director, should furnish the DIN to the registrar. If a company fails to furnish DIN within the specified period, the company is liable to pay a fine between rs. 25,00 to rs. 1,00,00 and every defaulting officer of the company is liable to pay a fine between rs. 25,00 to rs. 1,00,00.

Every individual or company, while providing any information, return or particulars should mention the DIN in such information, return, or particulars in case such information, return or particulars is about or has any relation to any director. When a copy of such a document is to be presented somewhere, DIN should be mentioned. In simpler terms, it is necessary to mention DIN in all documents or resolutions.

Individuals or directors of a company, who contravene any of the provisions are punished with imprisonment up to 6 months or with a fine up to rs.50,000, and where the contravention is continuous, the fine should be increased at the rate of rs.500 per day.

Procedure for Application of Director Identification Number

The procedure to be followed for application and allotment of DIN by Rule No. 9 to 12 of the Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014 is mentioned below:

1. The applicant should’ve got a Digital signature Certificate (DSC) before applying for DIN.

2. The applicant should’ve necessary documents for proof of identity and residence for obtaining DIN, Copy of latest passport size photograph, Place of Birth, Date of Birth, Educational, Qualification & present occupation of the Applicant; Phone No. & E-mail id of Applicant and Copy of verification by the applicant as per Form No. DIR-4

The applicant has to make an e-application with the Central Govt. in E-Form No. DIR-3 for Allotment of DIN along with fees. E-Form No. DIR-3 should be attached with:

  • Proof of Identity

  • Proof of residence

  • Photograph in JPEG Format

  • Declaration in Form No. DIR-3A, if necessary.

3. In case the person’s name does not have the last name, then his or her

father’s or grandfather’s surname should be mentioned as the last name along with the

declaration in Form No. DIR-3A

4. In case proofs are in other languages than Hindi / English, then they should be

translated into Hindi / English by a professional translator carrying his/her details (address, name, signature) and seal. In the case of foreign nationals, translation can be done by the notary of the home country.