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As the word has already been discussed in Section 28 of the Income-tax Act, the accordance consists of the section given in Section 30 to 43 D which is discussed below

Section 30 Rent, rates, taxes, building maintenance, and insurance.

Section 31 Furniture, equipment, and machinery repairs and insurance.

Section 32 Depreciation.

Section 32(A) Investment slush fund.

Section 32 (AB) Deposit for investments.

Section 32 (AC) Purchase of new equipment or machinery.

Section 32 (AD) Purchasing new equipment or plants in recognised underdeveloped regions of some States.

Section 33 Development discount

Section 33 (A) Development compensation.

Section 33 (AB) Accounts for the development of tea, coffee, and rubber are also available.

Section 33 (ABA) Fund for Site Restoration.

Section 33 (AC) A reserve for the shipping industry.

Section 33 (B) Allowance for rehabilitation.

Section 34 Conditions for the development refund and depreciation allowance.

Section 34 (A) for a short time, certain domestic enterprises are subject to restrictions on unabsorbed depreciation and unabsorbed investment allowance.

Section 35 Spending on academic research.

Section 35 (A) Spending on expertise.

Section 35 (AB) Investment is required to get the right to use spectrum for communications purposes.

Section 35 (ABA) Cost of securing the right to utilise a certain amount of spectrum for telecommunications services

Section 35 (ABB) Expenditures were made to secure a licence to provide telecom services.

Section 35 (AC) Expenditure on programmes or initiatives that qualify.

Section 35 (AD) Deduction for expenses incurred by a certain business

Section 35 (B) Development of export markets compensation

Section 35 (C) Development made in Agriculture

Section 35 (CC) Grant for rural development

Section 35 (CCA) Payments made to organisations and groups for implementing programmes for rural development

Section 35 (CCB) Payments made to organisations and associations for implementing conservation programmes for natural resources

Section 35 (CCC) Spending on a project to extend agriculture

Section 35 (CCD) Spending on a project to acquire skills

Section 35 (D) Amortization of specific upfront costs

Section 35 (DD) Amortization of costs in the event of a merger or demerger

Section 35 (DDA) Amortization of costs associated with the voluntary retirement programme

Section 35 (E) Deduction for costs associated with mining, prospecting, etc., for specific minerals

Section 36 various deductions

Section 37 General

Section 38 A structure, etc. that is partially or not exclusively used for commercial purposes

Section 39 Agency management commission

Section 40 Not deductible amounts

Section 40 (A) in some cases, payments or expenses are not deductible.

Section 41 Profits subject to taxation Special provision for deductions in the case of businesses engaged in mineral oil prospecting, etc.

Section 42 Definitions of specific terminology about income from business and professional earnings and gains

Section 43 Special provisions resulting from changes in currency exchange rates Taxation of foreign exchange volatility

Section 43 (A) Some deductions will only apply to real payments.

Section 43 (AA) Foreign exchange fluctuation is taxed

Section 43 (B) some deductions will only apply to real payments.

Section 43 (C) A unique provision for calculating the cost of acquiring specific assets

Section 43 (CA) in some circumstances, a special provision is made for the full value of the consideration when transferring assets other than capital assets.

Section 43 (CB) Calculation of income from service and construction contracts

Section 43 (D) Special provisions for revenue from publicly traded firms, banking institutions, etc.

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