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Any individual who is aggrieved by an Appellate Tribunal (National Company Law Appellate Tribunal- NCLAT[1]) order may file an appeal with the Supreme Court within sixty days of receiving the NCLAT's order on any matter of law arising out of order:

However, the Supreme Court may, if satisfied that the appellant was prevented from appealing within the specified period by sufficient reason, allow it to be lodged within a further sixty-day period.

What is National Company Law Appellate Tribunal?

It was constituted under Section 410 of the Companies Act after that; it came into effect on the 01st of July 2016. The Appellate Tribunal also hears the appeals against the orders passed by NCLT under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016, Section 61[2].

[1] Indian Kanoon (Section 410)- [2] SSC Online (Section 61)-,date%20of%20the%20impugned%20order

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