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Zomato for Business: How to Register Restaurant

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

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In the information age, phones and the web on a very basic level deal with our lives. While everything whether little or Big can be summoned in excess of one touch and swipe, by then for what reason should your customers be chosen to keep a safe distance for the settlement of asking for sustenance or nourishment or Food on the web? This is the place online sustenance asking for applications or nourishment Ordering Apps or Food Ordering Apps like Zomato have come into the photograph and changed the delight. With the approach of these applications and associations, diner proprietors or Food Business Owners of every kind imaginable can breathe in a mumble of mitigation as a fundamental onboarding or Zomato Registration with Zomato association can deliver essentially more demands and help in passing on them to a greater pool of customers.

India has always been viewed as a market with enormous opportunities. Being an era of digitization, many tech start-ups enter the market to capture the online audience. The hyper-growth of online restaurant discovery and food ordering system has paved the way for a lot of food tech startups to emerge in the industry. Zomato, India’s leading restaurant search and food delivery platform has changed the way consumers dine in recent years. The advent of this food delivery application has helped the users save time, effort, and money while improving the business for their restaurant partners. The company also gives the users, access to recommendations and reviews. In this article, we look at the process for obtaining Zomato Registration for a business.

Zomato Business

Zomato is a global company that operates throughout 24 countries. The primary business model of Zomato is based on hyperlocal advertising on its website and mobile apps. The company serves the restaurant partners by offering them greater reach to consumers and helps their businesses to expand faster. Therefore, Zomato Registration with Zomato association can enable restaurants to gain more customers and grow a restaurant business by delivering more demands to a greater pool of customers.

Step To be taken before you apply to Partner with Zomato

Before You apply for zomato restaurant registration or Partner with Zomato, You should get Private Limited Registration, Partnership or LLP Registration In India as these are Deemed to be most suited As a Business entity in India. Also, You need to Secure an FSSAI Registration or License According to Your Business Turnover or Business size and Nature, Shop act License or GUMASTA in Gujarat and Maharashtra and GST Registration In India. To Acquire These License and registration, You can contact a Legal Service Provider Or CA, Cs and Icwa firm Such as RegisterKaro.

How to Register Restaurant on Zomato

The process of zomato restaurant registration starts by adding The restaurant to zomato Restaurant listing and Then Acquiring a Registration on Zomato for Business app. So First I will discuss with you how to add a restaurant in zomato and then I will tell you about how to register restaurant in zomato.

How to Add Restaurant on Zomato

  • To Add your restaurant in Zomato, you have to Visit this Link – and Fill A simple Registration Form with restaurant name, phone number, and city etc.

  • After That Just click on Add restaurant to add your restaurant listing to zomato. After You submit the form, a Zomato executive will visit and Collect Documents such as Pan Card, Aadhar card, Copy of FSSAI registration, Take pictures of restaurant etc or Call you to verify the Supplied details about the restaurant and once the restaurant verification is completed successfully, your Restaurant will be added.

How to Register Restaurant in Zomato

  • To Get zomato restaurant registration or Partner with zomato or register on Zomato for Business app, you need to visit This link – and You need to first search Your Restaurant in the search bar to check whether your restaurant is listed on Zomato or not. If you are able to find your restaurant in Zomato listing then click on the claim the listing and if you are not able to find out your restaurant on zomato the Add your Restaurant to Zomato business listings.

  • Now When You are done with adding or Claiming The restaurant on Zomato, Now to Get a Zomato restaurant Registration on Zomato For Business , Just scroll down below on Zomato For Business page and There you will find a Simple Registration Form, where you have to Mention your Restaurant Name, Your Name, Phone number, Email Address and city and click on Submit or You can Also Contact zomato for Business by giving a call at +91-8039654500.

  • After You submit Form to partner with Zomato, A executive from Zomato will contact you and will take all the details About Your Restaurant from you and after He is Done with Verification of your account, your account on Zomato For business will get activated Immediately and you can then be able to Manage your listing Directly through your smartphone or Computer.

Detailed steps on How to register on Zomato?

Get your restaurant listed in Zomato in 5 easy steps.

Step 1 –

Go to and click on the “Add a restaurant” button at the bottom of the page

Alternatively, you can click on the following link to begin the registration process.

Step 2 –

Fill the basic form to get your application underway

You would need:

1. Restaurant name

2. City

3. Your credentials

4. Contact Number

5. Opening Status

Click on Add Restaurant once you provide the required information

Step 3 –

Fill in the detailed form that follows

Here are the details that you must keep handy:

1. Address and the Google Maps location of your restaurant

2. Characteristics of your restaurant

· Alcohol/Non-Alcohol

· Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Cafe, Nightlife

· Seating

· Mode of payments

· Type of Cuisine

3. Other details

· Operational timings

· Contact Information

· Restaurant website link

· Restaurant official email ID

Step 4 -

Congratulations! Your listing is now complete

Once you submit your listing, the verification process of your restaurant will start. Post verification, your page will go Live on Zomato.

Step 5 -

You might be contacted by a Zomato Sales Representative to cross-check the details

You may want to keep the soft and hard copies of the following documents handy.

1. Shop License

2. FSSAI License