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How to sign a document using your digital signature certificate(DSC)

1. Open your PDF using Adobe Reader DC

If you do not have Adobe Reader DC, you can download it using this link.

2. Insert your Smart token (USB with DSC)

  • If you are yet to buy a DSC, you can buy it from this link 

  • If you are yet to download your DSC onto your smart token, For E-Mudhra users you can do so using this link

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3. In Adobe Reader DC , click on the signature field . 

Here's an example for signing the SPICE+ Part B from donwloaded from MCA. 

Insert the Digital Signature Token and sign forms like MOA, AOA, spice+ Part b, LLP Fillip etc.

The red marked feilds are the signature fields , to sign on them, just click on the field. A pop up should appear. 

If you have downloaded the DSC onto the token from either Pantasign or Emudhra or capricorn, you will able to see the DSC owner's name being displayed. To download the DSC to the token use this link -

If your Smart token is inserted into the PC and if you have downloaded the DSC onto it, then you should see the DSC owners name, click on the continue button to sign the document using that DSC . 

Once it has been signed, you will find the Name appearing in the column for DSC

Click on the "Sign" button, if you get a prompt to save your document then select a location and save it. 

You will get a prompt to enter your DSC token password, enter the same password you had set while downloading the DSC on the token and click "OK".

Your document is signed, the DSC owners name will appear in the signature field, showing that the process was successful.

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