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Farmer Producer Company Registration Process

What is Producer Company?

A Producer is any person engaged in any close-knit or related activity to the primary producers. A Producer Company is thus an umbrella term that includes all of the following.

Producing, harvesting, procurement, grading, pooling, handling, marketing, selling, exporting the primary producers of the members, or the imports of goods or services.

How to Incorporate a Producer Company in India?





The registration process for Producer Company and Private Limited Company is very similar.

The first step is to obtain the DSC and DIN for the Producer Company's proposed first Directors.

An application for name reservation can be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) after obtaining the DSC and DIN.

The name should end with 'Producer Limited Company'.

After receiving the ROC's name approval, file the incorporation application in the prescribed format for incorporating the Producer company.

The Certificate of Incorporation is issued if the registrar is satisfied with the application for the Incorporation of the Producer company.

The functioning of the producer company is similar to the Private Limited company. But unlike the Private Limited companies, there is no limit on the number of members.

Even if the Producer Company's name ends with the words "Producer Limited Company", it shall under no circumstance become or be deemed a public limited company.

Types of Producer Companies






Production Businesses

Production, Procurement manufacture of its members and others' primary producer is the producer companies' primary function.

Marketing Businesses

A business involved in the marketing or promoting the primary produce or provision of education services to members and others can also constitute itself as a Producer company.

Technical Service

Any business that offers technical assistance to the producers, Provides training and educational services, or conducting research and development can register as a Producer in India.

Finance Business

A business financing producing activities then be it production, or marketing r development it can register itself as a producer company.

Infrastructure business

The business involved in providing infrastructure to the producers, whether in the form of electricity, water resources, irrigation techniques, or consultation regarding the same, may also constitute themself as a Producer company.

Benefits of Producer Companies

Benefits of Producer Company Registration

Documents Required for Producer Company Registration

To be submitted by Directors & Shareholders

For the Registered Office

Scanned copy of PAN Card or Passport (Foreign Nationals & NRIs)

Scanned passport-sized photograph specimen signature

(Director Only)

Scanned copy of Voter’s ID/Passport/Driver’s License

Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity or Gas Bill

Scanned copy of the latest bank statement/telephone bill

NOC from the owner of the premise

(Format provided by us)

Frequently asked questions

How much time is needed for setting up a producer company in India?

Expect it to take 35 to 40 days to complete the entire procedure. This will, however, depend on whether you have all your papers in order and the workload of the RoC.

What are the rules for picking a name for a producer company?

Every company has two parts to its name. The first part is unique. For example, 'WIPRO' or 'MERCEDES-BENZ'. The second part describes the business activity of the company. For example, 'Legal Solutions' or 'Technologies'. This second part must be as descriptive as possible. The name of the company must end with 'Producer Company Limited'

What documents need to be submitted to start a producer company?

Most importantly, all directors must have an identity and address proof and rights to practice on the property they are operating on. The owner of the registered office will also need to submit an NoC, stating that the company may operate from that location.

Will my producer company have a continuous existence?

All companies are legal entities by themselves. Therefore, they have a continuous existence. The only way a producer company can cease to exist (other than shutting it down voluntarily) is if the annual compliances are not met or if the creditors/courts force its closure.

Will the books of a producer company need auditing?

Yes, a producer company must have its books audited from its very first year. And in case turnover crosses Rs. 5 crore, it must employ a full-time company secretary to manage its affairs.

Is office required for starting a producer company?

An address in India where the registered office of the Company will be situated is required. The premises can be a commercial / agricultural / residential where communication from the MCA will be received.