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Welcome to RegisterKaro

RegisterKaro is an online  business compliance platform that helps entrepreneurs and other individuals with various, registrations, tax filings and other legal matters 

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For a limited time period, get your private company registered online for ₹1999, Just submit your details and our business expert will get on a call with you to explain the process

The Startup India Initiative was introduced by the government of India to encourage entreprenuership in India. We at RegisterKaro strive to ensure that entreprenuers face no roadblocks when starting their business by giving them a legal identity at very affordable prices so that they can achieve their dreams.


Going with the motto of the Digital India Initiative, we aim to ensure all forms of business registrations and compliances are done completely online.


We support the Make In India initiative that encourages investments in India by helping companies set up their subsidiaries in India.

One Stop For All Business Needs


You didn't start a business to track your cash flow or reconcile accounts. But we did. Register Karo gives you the freedom to focus on your business, knowing you'll receive accurate, detailed books every month.


Compliance with TDS might seem like a hassle for your business, but do not worry. Our team of in-house experts take care of all your filings in a timely manner.

Annual Filings

Filing before deadlines is a tedious task. Our dedicated team at Register Karo ensures all your filings are done within deadlines every time.

Payroll Management

Payroll processing and HR management is a highly complex task for most businesses due to the various compliance requirements in India. By outsourcing your payroll and HR management to Register Karo, you can enjoy a stress and error-free payroll cycle every month, knowing it has been done by the experts.


Compliance with GST might seem like a hassle for your business, but do not worry. Our team of in-house experts take care of all your GST filings in a timely manner.

Income Tax

Stay compliant with Register Karo Tax. Built on your books, we'll prepare and file your Income Tax returns. Plus, get live reminders and status updates of your filings at your fingertips.

Why our customers love us


Our dedicated experts provide the best in class services at the most affordable rates
On-time service

We take precautionary measures to ensure that our clients never miss a single deadline
Compliance ensured

We ensure that our client always stays compliant with all applicable laws and regulations
Instant Response

Get instant responses to all your queries within a few minutes
Simplified process

Our process is extremely simplified because our dedicated experts handhold you throughout each process 

Starting a business is simple

Register Karo provides a cost-effective way for anyone to register a business. Provide a few details and we take care of the rest. The fully integrated online process ensures that you have all your business needs satisfied from the comfort of your home 


Select the type of entity that best suit your needs. Follow our guide on which entity to select


Submit all the required information


You are ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey 

About Register Karo

Continuously improving our service offering, we are known amongst our customers to deliver the best quality of services


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