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What is NIC Code? - A Complete Analysis

NIC Code or National Industrial Classification Code is a vital Statistical Standard for maintaining & developing comparable databases as per economic activities. These classifications are repeatedly used in classifying the economically active population, statistics of industrial production & distribution, the various fields of labor statistics & other economic data like national income. Comparability of statistics available from various sources, on different aspects of the economy & usability of such data for economic analysis are essential for standardisation of a classification system. Activities are grouped into Sections alphabetically coded from A to U and every Section is divided into Divisions with 2-digital numeric codes, every Division into Groups with 3-digit numeric codes, every group into Class with 4 digit code, and every 4-digit class into 5-digit Sub-Class.

On 26th June 2014, the Department of Policy & Promotion had decided to switch over to NIC 2008 from NIC 1987. Version. Since then, all Indian Companies have been advised to follow NIC-2008. NIC 2008 is more compatible & well-suited for the International System of Classification and this enables the compliance processes for Registration to follow in a smooth manner.

What is the Importance of the NIC Code in India?

Following are some important points which show the importance of NIC Code in India:

  1. If your business or company in India contains a NIC Code then you can avail of various benefits offered by the Government of India;
  2. To obtain Udyog Aadhar or to register a Company/LLP;
  3. It's required to maintain track of business activity which affects the economic health. It's also used by most of the Government Departments to ensure that businesses in India are classified correctly;
  4. For the Government to keep track of your business, ensure that you have mentioned the NIC Code on all of your invoices.

Use of NIC Code in India

Following are 2 important segments where the NIC Code is used:

  1. For Udyam Registration: You need to apply for MSME Registration on the Udyam portal, under MSME Development Act, 2005 , it is vital to get registered. While registering your business on the Udyam portal, it is necessary to provide your NIC Code.

  2. Formation of a Company or LLP: A Company in India is required to be registered under MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) to be declared a valid business. For this purpose, it is compulsory to provide your NIC Code, while registering under MCA.

List of NIC Code

Following is the detailed list of NIC Code:

Section A - Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing

Section B - Mining and quarrying

Section C - Manufacturing

Section D - Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply

Section E - Water supply; sewerage, waste management & remediation activities

Section F - Construction

Section G - Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles & motorcycles

Section H - Transportation and storage

Section I - Accommodation and Food service activities

Section J - Information and communication

Section K - Financial and insurance activities

Section L - Real estate activities

Section M - Professional, scientific and technical activities

Section N - Administrative and support service activities

Section O - Public administration and defence; compulsory social security

Section P - Education

Section Q - Human health and social work activities

Section R - Arts, entertainment and recreation

Section S - Other Service Activities

Section T - Activities of households as employers; undifferentiated goods and services-producing activities of households for own use

Section U - Activities of Extraterritorial Organizations and Bodies

How can RegisterKaro help you?

RegisterKaro offers various services to assist companies in registering for a NIC Code, including:

  1. We will provide you instructions & advice on how to get a NIC Code including all the documentation & the actions required;

  2. Help in the filing of the NIC Code Application;

  3. To guarantee that the NIC Code Application is completed fast and the NIC Code is issued, follow up with the appropriate authorities;

  4. Offers continuing assistance & support to businesses as needed, including responding to any inquiries or taking care of any problems that could emerge along the procedure;

  5. Our experts will help businesses in streamlining the process of getting a NIC Code & making sure that they can complete the process effectively & quickly.