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Company Registration in Mauritius

Incorporation of a company is a very important and the initial official step that is taken towards bringing the company into legal existence. Incorporation is a necessity though not compulsory but it gives multiple benefits, big companies in terms of having many employees, who want to go public, and who want to raise capital need incorporation to increase the credibility of their business besides deciding to incorporate one must also decide the jurisdiction in which one wants their company to be incorporated, since the laws are enforced based on the jurisdiction, and the company is made liable based on jurisdiction.

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Why choose Mauritius for incorporation?

The choice of jurisdiction for the incorporation of a business is a critical decision that business owners must consider. Because incorporation, in a particular jurisdiction, makes the company bound to follow the laws of that jurisdiction, similarly it happens in the case of taxation. Multiple business owners choose Hong Kong as their place of incorporating their business. Hence, from now on we will be discussing why to choose Mauritius as the country for incorporation.

Company Registration in Mauritius

Why choose Mauritius for incorporation?


The following are the features that make Mauritius an attractive jurisdiction to choose for incorporating businesses:

Tax System:The corporate tax rate in Mauritius stands at the rate of 15%, which is very attractive for investment and offers competitiveness. Corporate tax rates mean - the tax charged upon the profits made in the business. The country also follows the Double Taxation Treaties feature with multiple countries, the countries who are signees to this contract are provided relief from double taxation, in the form of tax credits and also have a reduced tax rate.

Location:Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean, which makes it an ideal country to do business since it would make other countries ideal for investment, trade and tourism. Mauritius is best suited for business since the country’s timezone makes it easy to do business with three continents.

Environment:Mauritius promotes good business relations in its country, and these steps were taken by the government to create a very business-friendly environment and registration process for businesses.

Political Stability:The country has been at the top multiple times in terms of political stability. The laws followed in this country are a combination of French Civil Laws and common law, while the civil and criminal practices are based on the way of British Laws. The political stability features provide a sense of security for businesses and investors. The regulatory framework in the country is highly reputed. Also, the country is recognised as a highly well-regulated and developed financial centre in the country. The country is very famous for confidentiality and business and financial operations. Multiple Indian celebrities have their businesses incorporated in the country because of these features under a separate name to gain advantages.

Governing Body:The governing body in Mauritius related to the companies are Corporate and the Business Registration Department (CBRD) which has been given by the Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Planning which has prepared guidelines for the steps of incorporating a company under this department multiple legislations have been passed that cover multiple aspects related to companies including registration

Tax System Location , Environment, Political, Stability, Governing Body

Types of company incorporated

Following are the business structures available as the legislation of the country:

Types of company incorporated

Global Business Company(GBC):Previously known as Global Business Category 1 (GBC1), it is suited for businesses that have shareholding and interests by a non-Mauritius citizen who should apply for this kind of business structure. This structure allows foreigners to set up a company that predominantly derives income from outside of the country and utilise all the tax treaties and the agreement of the country with fellow countries

Authorised Company(AC):Authorised companies also known as GBC2 are commonly used for conducting trade internationally, investments and as well as for protection of personal assets. Similarly, this also has its business activities outside of Mauritius. The need to obtain licencing to do offshore activities as a business, the license is granted post-examination related to the companies In simple terms it is a non-tax resident Mauritius company that is exempted from corporate tax, withholding tax, interest, royalties or any capital gains tax. In short, it provides a flexible and efficient structure for conducting international businesses while benefiting from the favourable tax system of the country The corporation process of this structure is very fast and transparent which makes business owners choose this business structure.

Domestic Company(DC):A domestic company needs to get licences like that of an Authorised Company, they are formed to do business within the company. Apart from having corporate tax at the rate of 15% per annum, also they are eligible for other tax benefits, they are taxed as per the jurisdiction of the company.

Documents Required

The following are the documents required for incorporating a company in Mauritius:

1: Original Copy of Certificate of Reservation

2: Photocopy of Passport for non-residents

3: Copy of resident permit if the only director is a foreigner

4: Proof of director's address

5: Process of address of secretary in case of one person company

Documents Required

Process of incorporation in Mauritius

You may follow the step by step process for registering your company in Mauritius:

Step 1. Select Business Structure:

Before incorporating a company one needs to choose the business structure they would want their company to be incorporated in. This decision needs to be made with the help of experts in the field of business, the different types of business structure are discussed above.

Step 2. Select Business Name:

A name that is unique needs to be chosen for the company, and the name needs to be reserved for the company, checked on the registration website if it is not taken by any other website or not. If it is not taken one may reserve the name of the company

Step 3. Get the address:

A form needs to be filed for registration with all the details, which would be checked and rectified depending on the instructions provided.

Step 4: Directors and Stakeholders:

After the successful completion of the above process, a certificate of incorporation will be granted to the company to which the form is applied. This means the company is incorporated and is in legal existence.

Incorporation Fees

Fees Payable At Office Online
Private CompanyRs. 3000Rs. 3000
Public CompanyRs 135000Rs 135000
Category 2 Global BusinessUSD 65USD 65
Summary of the fileRs 200Rs 200
Electronic FileFreeFree
Singed Certificate of IncorporationRs 300Rs 300

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How do I register a company in Mauritius?

To register a company in Mauritius, you need to submit the required documents to the Registrar of Companies, including the company's memorandum and articles of association, proof of address, and identification documents for shareholders and directors.

What types of companies can I register in Mauritius?

Mauritius allows the registration of various types of companies, including private limited companies, public companies, and global business companies (GBCs), each with different requirements and benefits.

What is the minimum capital requirement for company registration in Mauritius?

There is no specific minimum capital requirement for company registration in Mauritius, except for certain types of business activities where minimum capital may be prescribed by law.

How long does it take to register a company in Mauritius?

The timeframe for company registration in Mauritius varies depending on factors such as the completeness of the application and the workload of the Registrar of Companies. It typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks.

Can a foreigner register a company in Mauritius?

Yes, foreigners can register companies in Mauritius, subject to compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Foreigners may need to appoint a local resident director and engage the services of a local registered agent.

What are the tax implications for companies registered in Mauritius?

Mauritius offers various tax incentives for companies, including low corporate tax rates and tax exemptions for certain types of business activities. However, it's essential to understand the tax residency rules and double taxation agreements that Mauritius has in place.

Are there any special permits or licenses required for certain types of businesses in Mauritius?

Yes, certain business activities in Mauritius may require special permits or licenses from regulatory authorities, such as the Financial Services Commission (FSC) for financial services companies or the Board of Investment (BOI) for foreign investment projects.

Can I register an offshore company in Mauritius?

Yes, Mauritius is a popular jurisdiction for the registration of offshore companies, known as Global Business Companies (GBCs). These companies enjoy various tax benefits and are suitable for international business activities.

What are the annual compliance requirements for companies registered in Mauritius?

Companies registered in Mauritius are required to comply with annual reporting and filing obligations, including the submission of annual returns, financial statements, and tax returns to the Registrar of Companies and the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

Can I change the name or structure of my company after registration in Mauritius?

Yes, you can change the name or structure of your company after registration by following the procedures prescribed by the Registrar of Companies, which may involve obtaining shareholder approval and updating the company's statutory documents.