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Liquor License

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Why do you need Liquor License?

Obtaining a liquor license is essential in order to sell alcohol in India lawfully. A valid liquor license is a requirement for liquor stores, pubs, clubs, discos, bars, hotels, and restaurants. Alcohol sales are forbidden and considered unlawful without this authorization. In the regulatory framework, liquor licenses are essential because they handle the complex socio-legal aspects of the distribution and use of alcoholic beverages.

Beyond just a drink, liquor has cultural, legal, and societal ramifications. Owing to its possible associations with criminal activity and aggression, state governments closely oversee every aspect of the liquor industry, including production, sales, and manufacturing. Liquor licenses are issued by each state government to fully oversee and control these activities. Legally speaking, a liquor license is the permission given by the state excise department to people or organizations that are involved in the production, distribution, import, export, transportation, possession, and sale of alcoholic beverages.

Liquor License

Why do you need Liquor License?

Types of Liquor License

There are following licenses for the Liquor related services:

Beer and Wine License : For businesses who want to exclusively sell moderately alcoholic beverages like wine and beer. Remember that these companies shouldn’t sell strong liquor.

Restaurant Liquor Licence : For eateries that want to provide alcoholic beverages. Only establishments that receive less than 40% of their total revenue from the sale of alcohol are eligible for this license.

Tavern License : For companies where the majority of their income come from the selling of alcohol

Brewpub License : For businesses who produce their own wine and beer.

Temporary License : To provide alcohol at a gathering or party where fewer than twenty lakh persons are present

FL-4 License : For those who want to offer alcohol at an exclusive gathering in a private home, resort, or condominium

L1 : For those who conduct wholesale supply of liquor in Indian Mainland

L3 : Permit for the serving of foreign liquors in Hotels and Hotel Rooms

L5 : Permit for the serving of liquor in bars or restaurants within the hotel premises

L6 : For those who conduct retail supply of liquor in Indian Mainland

L19 : Permit for the serving of foreign liquors in Clubs

Types of Liquor License

Documents required for Liquor License

Following are the general documents that are required for the Liquor License approval in any state, however, the list is not exhaustive:

Documents required for Liquor License

1. Proof of the applicant’s identity and address

2. Provide evidence of the business location

3. NOC from the state fire department and the relevant municipal corporation

4. properly completed application forms for companies’ AoA and MoA

5. current copy of the ITR

6. Applicant’s passport size photograph

7. Affidavit indicating lack of criminal records in the applicant’s name

8. Affidavit declaring the applicant has no overdue dues in their name

Process for Liquor License approval

You may follow the step by step instructions for obtaining the liquor license for your business:

Step 1: Visit the website and log in

The applicant must first go to the official webpage.

Step 2: Open the Portal and log in

The login and password must be entered by the licensee. To enter their information, applicants who are using it for the first time must select the “Register” option.

Step 3: Press the application form button

The licensee must choose the application form and fill it out with all the necessary information.

Step 4: Send the Form in

The licensee can click the “Submit” button to finish submitting the form after inputting the necessary information.

Step 5: Getting the licenses

Following appropriate verification by the officials based on the license type request, the certificate will be issued.

Estimated Costs for the license

Because liquor rules differ from one state to the next, getting a license also costs different amounts based on where your business is located. Furthermore, the price of getting a license varies according to your business’s size and type as well as the kind of license you desire. A summary of the typical price of a liquor license in India is provided below:

Nature of License Serving locationTargeted strengthCost
Temporary License Party or event with less than 20 lakh people Less than 100 people ₹7,000
More than 100 people₹10,000
FL-4 Licenseprivate home, resort, or condominium₹13,000
L3, L5, L19Restaurant, Hotel rooms, beer shop, etc₹1,50,000- ₹5,00,000

Validation, Revocation & Renewal of Liquor License

Liquor License in India is subject to validity which means that it is required to be renewed after a certain specific time period. Moreover, the License is also subject to revocation. These circumstances for either revocation or renewal can be observed below:

Validation, Revocation & Renewal of Liquor License

Validity: In India, the normal validity time for a liquor license is one year from the date of issuance. During this time, the licensee is able to distribute and sell alcoholic beverages in accordance with the terms of the license.

Renewal: A liquor license can be renewed annually, allowing the licensee to keep the license active for an additional year. Within thirty days of the current license’s expiration date, license holders are required to file an application for renewal. The State Excise Department sets the renewal fee, which must be paid in order to complete the renewal process. Depending on the kind and class of license, the cost may change.

Revocation: If a license holder participates in certain forbidden actions, their liquor license may be revoked. Revocation can occur for a number of reasons, including supplying alcohol on dry days, serving alcohol to minors who are not of legal drinking age, breaking the regulations established by the relevant authority, etc.

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How RegisterKaro helps you in obtaining the liquor license?

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What is the cost of a liquor license in India?

The price of a liquor license in India varies by state and type, ranging from ₹5,000 to ₹15,000. The cost may differ based on the type of license—retail, wholesale, or restaurant.

Is it easy to get a liquor license in India?

Obtaining a liquor license in India can be a challenging and complex process due to varying rules and regulations across states. The process involves submitting an application to the state excise department.

How much liquor can I keep at home in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, an individual with a permit can possess up to 12 bottles of liquor at home. Small family celebrations without a permit are allowed for up to ten guests, but larger events require a license.

What is the purpose of a liquor license?

A liquor license is necessary for individuals or businesses involved in the sale, distribution, or manufacturing of alcohol. It is issued by the state excise department to regulate and control the sale and consumption of alcohol.

What are different types of liquor licenses?

Various types of liquor licenses are issued depending on the event and the scale of alcohol consumption. Some examples include FL4, L1, L3, L5, L19, and L49 licenses.

Can you carry alcohol on a dry day?

On a dry day, the sale and purchase of alcohol are prohibited, and all liquor outlets are closed. However, individuals can consume alcohol if they already possess it.

What documents do you need for Liquor License?

Documents required for obtaining a liquor license include proof of identity and address, evidence of business location, no-objection certificates from relevant authorities, completed application forms, passport-sized photographs, affidavits declaring lack of criminal records and overdue dues.