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Startup India Registration

Updated: Aug 20, 2021


Start-up India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to catalyse start-up culture and build a strong and inclusive ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in India.


To be eligible under this scheme, a start-up must be incorporated as a Private Limited Company under Indian Companies Act, 2013, a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under Indian Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 or a partnership firm under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932.

As per the Start-up India Action plan, the followings conditions must be fulfilled to be eligible as Start-up:

· Being incorporated or registered in India up to 10 years from its date of incorporation. · Is a private limited company or registered as a partnership firm or a limited liability partnership. · Has an annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 100 crores for any of the financial years since incorporation/registration. · Is working towards innovation, development or improvement of products or processes or services, or if it is a scalable business model with a high potential of employment generation or wealth creation.

It is important to note that an entity formed by splitting up or reconstruction of an existing business shall not be considered a ‘Start-up’. Also, an entity will not be called a start-up after:

· Completion of ten years from the date of its incorporation/registration, or · Achieving turnover in any previous year more than Rs. 100 crores.


· Click here to register

Click on register. Register either with your google account or just enter details shown below.

· Once you register a page with country and options appear. Select START UP and click on NEXT STEP to proceed further.

Further fill the details about your start up. About stage select after knowing he description of each stage-

Ideation – Innovative Ideas are generated.

Validation – In order to implement the idea.

Early traction – You have acquired customers, generating revenue.

Scaling – You are generating sustainable profits.

· Under brief enter the objectives or profile of the start-up you are going to register. Also, if there is link related to your start up you can insert the same.

Before entering the start-up name go to MCA21 website and go to MCA services- view company or LLP master data- enter details- Submit. Company details will appear.

Enter the name in our start-up website.

· Next select FUNDED if itself funded or else if any loans etc are taken select BOOTSTRAPPED. Click on NEXT.

Enter contact details. Click on NEXT.

· Enter the details including industry and sector from the list of options. For CIN Number go to details page on the MCA website and copy the same here. Once you click on search the start-up name automatically appears. Click on NEXT.

Next under what you are interested in select OTHER STARTUPS. Then agree the conditions and click on SAVE PROFILE.

Click on ADD DETAILS. Select DASHBOARD and click on DPIIT RECOGNITION. Click on view details and enter the same. Enter PAN number. Certify and click on SAVE.

· Next enter the full address as it in the MCA website.

· Next for authorized representative details enter one of the directors’ details same from the MCA website. Click on SAVE.

· Next to enter the director details first select the number of directors or partners and enter the details same as in the MCA website. Make sure they do not mismatch. Click on SAVE.

Next under INFORMATION REQUIRED check if the stage is same as selected earlier. Enter the number the employees. Enter the YES\NO questions as appropriate. If you have selected YES, then enter the further details. Enter a brief note in the space provided. Click on SAVE.

Under STARTUP ACTIVITIES enter the details as asked. Click on SAVE.

Under SELF CERTIFICATION attach incorporation certificate, enter website link etc. CERTIFY and SAVE.

· Next accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS and click on SUBMIT.

Within 50 days after submission go to dashboard – DPIIT RECOGNITION. It will show submitted and you can check the status.

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