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How to download a Digital Signature Certificate from eMudhra?

Step-1 Download and run emClick from eMudhra. 

Download emClick using this link

Step-2 Enter your application ID and pin in emClick

Your application ID is emailed to you, you will have to enter the same in emClick.

The application number from emudhra must be noted. You will find an email from emudhra after you have purchased their Digital Signature Certificate
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The application ID needs to be entered in Emudhra's portal along with the challenge code.

Enter your Application ID and Challenge code, which you would have set during your application process in emudhra, and click confirm. 

You shoud get a screen like the one below

You will have to install emClick in order to download the Digital Signature Certificate onto the token.
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Step-3 Enter your Smart Card token that eMudhra sent to you 

Once you insert your token into your computer , you should get the bellow message, click NO 

Enter the smart card token after installing emClick. It will dispaly a window where you have to enter the PIN that you used while purchasing the digital signature certificate from emudhra

Then in emClick, click on the refresh button as shown below, your token name should show up. If it does not show up, select your token from the drop-down box right beside the refresh button.

Please wait for a few minutes as emclick is refreshing as it downloads the DSC onto the token

Step-4 Download your DSC

You will have to enter your token password in the box shown below. The default password of the token would be "12345678". Once you enter the token password click on "I agree and Download" button and your DSC should start downloading on to the Smart card token. 

You will have to enter the DSC token password that you entered while you were the digital signature from emudhra
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Your DSC is now downloaded onto your Smart token 

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