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How to Import Goods from China to India

source: IndiaMART

In 2020, India imported goods worth $58.71 billion from China. This makes China India’s top import partner. Major Chinese imports included consumer electronics, telecom instruments, computer hardware and peripherals, electrical equipment, fertilizers and chemicals. India continues to import from China despite Covid-19, escalating border tensions with Beijing and growing fears that it will be flooded with cheap Chinese goods. The last was among the reasons cited by India for its decision to sit out of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the largest free trade agreement in history. India’s dependence on Chinese goods stems largely from its inability to close the gap between domestic production and demand, and from China’s dominance as a manufacturing and exporting nation.

The Indian e-commerce sector has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years, leading to several online sellers importing Goods from China. Since China is a large-scale manufacturer of a wide variety of goods, buying from China is an economically viable option for many. However, there are several terms and conditions that businesses have to meet to import goods from China. In case you are wondering about how to import goods from China, then read on to learn more about the process and what the best products to import from China are.

First of all, we have to understand about the legal guidelines which are required to start an Import Export Business in India or required to Import Goods from China.

Legal License Required to Import Goods from China

1. Register your Legal Entity in India –

For the Starting any type of business you have to register a Legal Entity in India. Legal Entity is required for any type of business even if you are not doing the Import Export Business in India. For the Exporting Business you have to incorporate a legal entity on your brand name or firm name or Company Name. There are 5 types of legal entity which you can register –

a) Sole Proprietorship Firm

b) Partnership Firm

c) Limited Liability Partnership

d) Private Limited Company

e) One Person Company

2. Apply for the Tax Registration –

After the Incorporation you have to apply for the Tax Registration on your Goods. Mostly its required VAT/CST Registration from your state government. it’s also called TIN Number, even if you not import the goods from China then also its required to sell in India. In Some State its required Security Deposit Concept and Surety Concept so it little bit expensive license.

3. Apply for the IEC Code Registration –

After the applying VAT/CST Registration for the Import or Export Goods in India you need specially one license from the DGFT Department i.e is called IEC Code. its also required a Current bank account on your Company name which is possible only after the Incorporation of your legal entity in India. DGFT Procedure is Now Online but you have to required Digital Signature for the apply New Online IEC Code so you can save the Expense during the Incorporation.

Now Let’s talk about the Option which is available for Import the Goods from China to India. One of the best ways to import the goods from China i.e., is Online through Alibaba or AliExpress or you can use some other third party’s agent which can do this on your behalf as Commission Basis.

So, Let’s understand about How you can Import the Goods from China through Online Websites or Agents.

How to Import Goods from China to India Online

There are 4 Important steps to be consider during the Import the Goods from China to India Completely Online.

a) Find the Products Online Which are hot in Demand –

You have to find the Products Online on the Chinese Online Shopping Website which are hot in Demand in your Country. There is multiple website which are providing shipping in India. In that the Leader is Alibaba. As per Wikipedia in 2012, two of Alibaba’s portals handled 1.1 trillion yuan ($170 billion) in sales. So, it is one the biggest Online Supplier in the World and it is the world’s largest retailer as of April 2016. So, if you already decided the product then you have to find the relevant information about the products on various listing website apart from Alibaba like Amazon China, eBay China etc.

b) Find a Good Manufacturer or Supplier on the Alibaba or Other Websites-

After the finding a Good Products you have to find a good Supp