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How to Sell on Tata CliQ: Seller Quick Registration Guide

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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How to Sell on Tata CliQ: Seller Quick Registration Guide

Online platforms have become quite a nice way to sell your stuff and the biggest advantage that you have is the global audience reach. There are many top e commerce websites that offer easy and lucrative options for sellers to sell their merchandise. One of the top e-commerce portals where you can get to sell your stuff to a large number of customers is Tata CliQ. so Let's learn in this guide step-by-step procedure to sell on Tata CliQ.

The e-commerce venture of Tata group follows the Omni-channel model, which is the most preferred format in the offline and online retail industry. The platform dispenses the seller a reliable and effective platform where they can sell with ease through a very simple registration process.

The mode of operation followed by the company is completely different from other e-commerce marketplaces. It is a curated marketplace and here 100 % original products and authorized sellers are preferred to sell with Tata CliQ.

Why Tata CliQ?

Tata CliQ is one of the most recent e-commerce companies in India and is getting a lot of attention. While the majority of e-commerce companies in India focus on trying to sell their products for the lowest price possible, competing amongst each other for the best discounts and customers, Tata CliQ has taken a different approach. Tata CliQ instead aims at providing Indian customers with high-quality and luxury items such as clothing and electronics from some of the best brands in India and around the globe, products you simply can’t find elsewhere online, such as Armani, Hugo Boss, and True Religion.

Tata CliQ also has strong ties to online electronics retailers such as Microsoft, who agreed to launch their own store on Tata CliQ selling Microsoft products like software, phones, PCs and tablets, as of 2016.

As with all e-commerce companies you should always do a background check on them before signing up to sell with them. Tata CliQ is one of the few e-commerce companies which have not yet suffered any major setbacks and it looks like they will continue to grow at a healthy and stable rate. Tata CliQ also has probably the strongest backing from investors, such as its parent company the Tata Group, in comparison to other e-commerce platforms, meaning if a crisis does happen the platform can be saved.

Here are few simple steps that a vendor or seller can follow to register themselves with Tata CliQ to sell their products-

  • In order to become a seller with Tata CliQ, first of all you are required to drop a mail to sellersupport@tatacliq .com. The mail should contain information such as your name, email ID, contact number, the category of product as well as the brand name and location of your business.

  • Once you have sent the email, you will receive an automated response from the e-retailer. You are now required to follow up with them by dropping regular mails on the same chain mail.

  • It is after this, you will receive an email from the category head along with the agreement document. You are now required to duly sign the agreement on a stamp paper of Rs. 300.

  • Once the agreement is prepared you are required to print an Annexure, containing the commission details. The commission details are needed to be mentioned on the company letterhead along with your signature.

  • Now you must send the documents to the following address-

Tata Unistore First floor,

Empire Plaza 2, Chandan Nagar LBS Marg,

Vikhroli West Mumbai-400080.

  • Once your documents have been received, you will receive a mail consisting of ‘ECS’ and Seller Registration Form. You are required to fill both the forms carefully with relevant information and send it to the same email address along with the below document

  1. GST Registration Certificate

  2. Pan card copy

  3. TAN Copy (If Available)

  4. CIN Copy (from ROC)

  5. Canceled Cheque

  6. Company Logo